ALPHA 60 - IFP 5Y 60125 - Hydrophobic

ALPHA 60 - IFP 5Y 60125

Natural Yellow Hydrophobic 360 square edge one piece Aspheric lens

UV - A Blocking & Violet - Blue Light Filtering


New European Hydrophobic material produced at room temperature for NO GLISTENING


Optic Diameter 6.0 mm Optical Aspheric
Total Diameter 12.50 mm
Haptic Angulation
Slant Haptic Angulation 360° Square Edge on Optic and Haptic
Lens Incision 2.2 mm to 2.6 mm
Material "Natural Yellow" Foldable Hydrophobic Acrylate with UV Blocker
Unfolding Time Less then 10 seconds
Method of Sterilization By EtO sterilization
Indication Phacoemulsification
Implantation site Capsular Bag
Diopter Range +15D to +30D in 0,5D 15,5 to 25,5
Recommended A Constant Acoustic (Ultrasound biometry) laser interference biometry (SRK/T)
118.5 118.9
Injection System IOL Preload System, IOL Semi-Preload "Two Steps" System & Crystalject System