CRYSTALJECT - Crystalject


Injection System

Contain One Steril Cartridge & Injector


Recomended Incision Size 2.0 mm to 2.8 mm


Thotougly examine the peel pouch prior to opening to assure sterility.
Do not use if pouch found damage

  • Open the pouch and remove the blister pack in sterile environment.
  • Take out the cartridge drom its blister pack in a sterile environment.
  • Open and hold the flaps in such a way that it is easy to place the lens / glide the lens.
  • Spread Viscoelastic solution in the barrel and hinge of the cartridge.
    Always lubricate the cartridge with Viscoelasctic substance.
  • Place the EuroCrystal foldable IOL in such a manner, that the lens is centered and front haptic pointing left.
  • Fold the back haptic towards optic and try to put it over optic.
  • Take out the CrystalJect injector from its blister pack.
  • Fold the flaps carefully an inspect the position of the lens in cartridge. Make sure that back haptic is not trailing and it is not outside the cartridge. Make sure that haptic & optic is not caught in between the flaps. Inject some more viscoelastic in the back of cartridge.
    Check the cushion is straight & properly fixed on the tip of the plunger.
  • Fix the cartridge with properly placed fordable lens on injector by sliding the same in the slot of injector.
  • Push the plunger slowly and check whether it glides in the back hole of the cartridge.
  • Apply the pressure on the plunger for delivering the lens in the bag.