ALPHA - IFP 3G 6.00 - Hydrophilic

ALPHA - IFP 3G 6.00

Single Piece Foldable Acrylic lens for Phaco


Easy to inject, easy to fold

  • One piece intraocular lens.
  • Ready to be held on its support.
  • Easy to lead into the cartridge.
  • Spreads out smoothly and fits correctly into the bag.

Square edge design

  • Perfect central position.
  • Wide haptic contact with the capsular bag.


Material Acrylic 25% CQ UV
In Situ Refractive Index 1.462
Optical Shape Biconvex
Type One Piece IOL
Optical Diameter 6.00 mm with "Fish Tail" back Optical Edge
Overall Diameter 12.50 mm
Estimated A-Constant 118.2 (ultrasound biometry)
A.C.D 5.03 mm
Power Range (in diopter) From 0 to +30 (By 1/2 diopter from +15 to +25)
Method of Sterilization By steam sterilization
Indication Phacoemulsification
Implantation Site Capsular Bag
Unfolding Time Less than 10 seconds
Injection System Crystalject system